gluten-free buckwheat pancakes

I’m still crazy about pancakes. Their preparation takes only a moment, they are gluten-free and I use them as bread or tortilla pies. I put everything inside – from the fruit jam to the hummus with vegetables. They make a little more trouble with frying than the millet grain pancakes (recipe here) until we get used to a bit of another dough consistency. Still, it is worth trying. 🙂 Continue reading “gluten-free buckwheat pancakes”

glutenfree millet grain pancakes

Since I remember I loved pancakes. I can eat them every day and probably never get bored. It’s funny that a few years ago I couldn’t do it by myself, and all the attempts ended with a big mess in the kitchen and scraping the burnt cakes from the gas stove! Fortunately, there is always a good soul, who give you help hand, thanks that I am able to make really good pancakes by myself! Gluten free, super flexible and thin – and probably in the pancakes is the most important. 🙂 Continue reading “glutenfree millet grain pancakes”

vegetable pie – pate

Since I have seen what ingredients producer using to prepare the pate that we can buy in the store, I’m sick at the thought. My lovely! This recipe is a litte bit shorter than original version, comes from the phenomenal book by Eryk Wałkowicz. Vege pate is tight and delicious. And that there is no gram of meat there, does not mean that it is uneatable! 😉 Good for the whole family. Try! Continue reading “vegetable pie – pate”